Kenyan Men Advise Professor Hamo on What to do Next After the Scandal With Jemutai


Professor Hamo and Jemutai who are both comedians at the Churchill Show have been the talk of town. The two comedians have engaged in some online conflicts on their parental responsibilities. Jemutai accused Professor Hamo of neglecting her and the babies that they have together. She said that Hamo is the father of her two babies but he has not been providing as the man of the house. Professor Hamo also responded to her and wrote that he has been taking good care of his two babies. Many Kenyan men went online in order to defend and advice Professor Hamo on what he should do next.

Many Kenyan men told Professor Hamo to physically look for Jemutai so that they can square things out, because the online fight will not do them any good but will just continue to create enmity.

Others also told him to take the issue to the court of law, because nowadays many women want to trap men with pregnancies in order for them to also be shareholders of the good things that the men have fought tirelessly to work for.

He was also advised to desist from clarifying things to people on social media, because there is no advice that he can get from the there.

Some men also told Professor Hamo that he should also not act as an innocent man in the whole situation, because if it is true that he is not sending money to support them, then he has failed his duties as a father.