The Wonderful Gift the Holy Spirit Gave to Rev Fr. Mbaka


When I was watching the apology video of Rev. Fr Mbaka,I could not hold my tears from flowing considering how much sincerity of heart he showed. He was so sorry about his offenses as he explained in details what happened at the Bishop's court which was totally in contrast to what the media had earlier reported.

The apology tendered showed indeed that Father Mbaka is endowed with the gift of humility. As great as he is, many Nigerians did not expect him to be so sober as well as quick to ask for forgiveness.

Despite so much wealth he has amassed as a Priest and the number of supporters he has,he still did forget he is still a junior to his superior,the Bishop. He went down on his knees to plead for forgiveness.

Like he said, the gate of hell shall not prevail against the Church as the devil tried using the pandemonium to break the Church but it never worked.

Fr Mbaka is a true son of the Church and he has shown to be a quintessential Catholic Priest who is conscious of the oath of absolute obedience he took. He is worthy of emulation and many upcoming priests because of him will know how important the oath of obedience is.

God hates pride and that's exactly why we as humans on earth should be very cautious in our life so we do not become victims of pride. Just like Pride led to the condemnation of Lucifer, everyone of us who are too proud are susceptible to fall as pride comes before a fall.

Father Mbaka has shown with his humility and apologies that indeed he is blessed with a wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit.


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