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For a variety of reasons, broke men have been known to satisfy women better than rich ones. Their financial situation may be dire, but women in their relationships with them are more stratified. Here are some of the reasons why broke guys satisfy ladies better.

1. They make up for what they don't have.

They feel compelled to compensate for their financial shortfall. If a man has a lower income, he believes that other men will be interested in his girlfriend. He goes over and beyond to demonstrate his remarkable abilities to her. He's more likely to be concerned with getting good results, which includes pleasing a woman in bed.

2. They are dependable.

Nothing compares to having a nice time with a loyal man since you know he has his hands and eyes only for you. Because they have many admirers, men from higher socioeconomic classes are more likely to cheat and deceive.

3. They are not bothered about their jobs.

In comparison to their higher-earning colleagues, men who make less money than their wives claim to satisfy their wives. This is due to the fact that they are less stressed at work. A broke man does not worry about work, thus he is always energized and ready to go, as opposed to people who have jobs and are frequently anxious.

4. They have a smaller ego.

Men with lesser incomes are also less likely to feel entitled to be the only one satisfied since they do not feel as though women owe them anything. Men with money are just concerned with themselves since they believe they do not need to exert themselves after spending money on their ladies. A broke man will go out of his way to please his woman.

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