Screenshot: Hilarious Chats Between Husband And Wife That Has Gotten People Talking


This hilarious chats was posted on Twitter by a user whose name is That weird guy 😒. See the post below:

This is is of the most hilarious chat you will see on the Internet today, this was a very funny conversation between a man and his wife.

They were discussing about what they should eat as dinner. But the wife gave her husband series of foods option that he should guess the one he want, but the husband keep saying "I don't want to eat".

So this conversation between the couple's has gotten many talking. Some said that what exactly do women want while others give their own opinions.

See the chats below:

See some comments from Nigerians:

My opinion is that: Husband has to endure because it's not easy to have a caring wife, but I don't know why are women behaving like this.

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