He took a video while eating a cake at a shopping mall, see what happened next (photos)


There are things people do out of excitement and joy. Not everyone is opportune to eat whatever they want. There are people who eat chicken every Sunday, and there are people who eat chicken only on Christmas days and Easter days. A young man on social media has been slammed and made a mockery of Just because he was caught on camera eating cake in a shopping mall.

The behavior he exhibited drew people's attention on social media. A man who looked hungry was seen in a trending video eating cake in a shopping mall like a hungry man. People questioned why he would be eating cake in a shopping mall, and why would we be eating it as if he had not eaten cake before or if he had not eaten for months?

Some questioned if he bought the cake or maybe someone bought it for him, or could it be that he stole the money he used to buy the cake? That is the only reason he would eat his cake like a hungry man. Maybe he broke into the shopping mall because of the looting going on in South Africa. 

That was why he was eating it like a hungry man. Because he did not pay for it, or maybe he is poor, and he hasn't eaten cake before.

What's your opinion? The way people eat, what they bought for themselves matters, and why are people slamming him?


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