I have now vowed to be a Christian. Nana Agradaa declares


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Today,Nana Agrada has now vow to be a Christian from now onwards.

Nana Agradaa was arrested just recently against been fraud over her money rituals shown on TV.

49 TV stations were closed including her 2 TV stations over frauds going on here in Ghana.

Nana Agradaa was bailed after 3days in jail and Reverend Obafour who came and lodge another complain against her.

They recently had a fight on social media,exchanging words and dating each other.

That got Reverend Obafour angry and decided to lodge another complain about her and was then arrested.

Later,the priestess was released from jail after settling the fund on her.

Today, nana Agrada has vow not to go back to her fraud money shown on her TV station but has rather be a Christian from now onwards.

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