Traditional healers can heal with everything that their ancestors show them

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When completing the training for the messenger as is done for ancestors. gets to have brought back in inside the house/home of the initiate and various ceremonies.

and annointments are done as well as the slaughtering of a sheep within. which certain parts are taken and used for the sacred place where the messenger will he settled in .and where your ancestors things will be erected.

Gifted place is the place of prayer and consultation where the new initiate will conduct consultations and prayers.

The place is erected through prayer and annointments pleasing the messenger of the initiate.after having cleansed the sacred room where the place will be erected.

Messenger and ancestors

If a person has both ancestors and messenger . the two are merged and introduced to each other as to avoid conflict within these two ancestors.

During a consultation the initiate will be able to determine if that patient needs to be healed. through prayer or the use of ancestors and herbs.

The power of prayer is always more powerfull than the power of ancestors .depending on the gift that particular person has .and the basis of it all is that god is the supreme.

power we pray upon to when healing or divining for a patient. He is the one who created all that is on this earth and the heavens.

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