"Month of Joy," Frank Edwards Writes On His FB Page As He Celebrates The New Month

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The popular Nigerian Contemporary Gospel artist whose name is Frank Ugochukwu Edwards (nicknamed Frankrichboy), has once again celebrated the new month of July. The singer, who lives in Lagos, made a post earlier where he sat down with a phone in his hand. See the picture below.

Actually, the Nigerian music singer is believed to be fashion-conscious, which he is. He is clearly enjoying the new month, as evidenced by the manner he crossed his leg while sitting on a chair. Frank, on the other hand, is not only an artist, but also a songwriter from the eastern part of the country, as everyone knows. He is currently the owner of Rocktown Records (a record label).

Well, since he said it's a month of joy and everybody should be joyful, then the month will really work out well, but that's if you have joy. Although it's not a bad wish, stay safe. 

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