This Bible Verse Is Causing Confusion On Social Media.Corinthians15:34. What Do You Think?(Opinion)

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A woman is an adult female according to Wikipedia. The word woman can also mean a child. Traditional gender roles have also characterized and restricted women's behavior and opportunities throughout human history. Women are often said to be subject to their husbands. Most religious doctrines lay down strict rules on women who put their husbands under them. This is the case with a post on Facebook that points to a bible verse that says women shouldn't be speaking in the church. The picture was published in a Facebook community named "IGBO Rant HQ" on Bright Sunday with the comment "Abeg, what do you think it's confused about this biblical part."

See the post below:

See the picture below:

A photo made a lot of people comments, a man called "Engelonuwa Festus Amaechi" said, "There's nothing I can tell about the shepherd and the woman of God, please stop this ignorance."

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