Our Hajia Bintu shares An Unusual Photo On Social Media, See For Yourself


Hajia m Bintu has gathered so much fame and fans to her self on social media due to her outstanding personality and her infectious smile.

In Fact if you are a fan of Hajia Bintu you would have observed that she is so particular about her smile in her pictures and she makes eye contact in the camera.

Take a look at her infectious and simply beautiful smile, she is always with a maximum level of fire burning in her.

Tik Tok star and award winner, Hajia Bintu who has an air of fun around her has posted a however sad photo of her self. Looking at the photo carefully you can deduce that the screen goddess is sad and down. Eventhough she looks chic with her sneakers and adorable body shape she is gloomy and so out of the place she is standing.

The trurh is we cannot attribute the gloomy face to anything since she has not posted any thing on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

All we can say is that may she recover from whatever it is. We only pray it's not because of relationship issues.

Hajia cheer up for us your fans for we love you and are happy when we see you smile.

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What do you think is bothering her?

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