Understanding truth in the preaching of Christ


Jesus Christ is being preached every where in the world today. The diversities of the word increases daily. Different understandings of the scripture comes into existence from time to time. Both the young and old are all engaged in the spread of the good news. 

However there are different interpretation of the gospel? Some say it is modernization of the gospel, others say the actual meaning of the word goes beyond the logical meaning of it. Could it be that some interpretations are delivered with the purpose of justifying some actions of what the the true meaning of the word refers to? Or perhaps a blend of scholarly knowledge and the word of God to meet the hearing demands of today’s people. 

One expectation of the Ghanaian populace from a preacher is to be living a nearly perfect life in accordance with what the bible talks about or what you preach in some cases. To be a father figure to the people. Some people get closer and closer to a preacher because of his message but later result and wants to live the exactly as them.

In other cases, people go through these several times to an extent that some encounter cases of all kinds and base on that to make a generalization that some preachers do not have aanswers to their problems.

Some are still fighting for and standing by the truth when such comments are passed. 

To every christian, know the truth and let that be your reference. He or she who knows the truth knows when how to communicate it to the outside world. 

To every preacher, know who you are up against when you make up your mind to you preach to people to ensure they are firmly rooted in God and in Christ.

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