Uhuru Reveals What Will Happen to 10 Million Kenyans By December This Year


Since the first COVID-19 case was reported in the country, President Uhuru's government introduced strict containment measures to curb this pandemic.

Part of these measures was the introduction of lockdown in COVID-19 hotspots.

Uhuru also introduced the night to dawn curfew as an effort to minimize public gatherings and interactions.

President Uhuru has today addressed the Nation yet again concerning the COVID-19 pandemic where he revealed what will happen to 10 Million Kenyans by December this year.

Speaking at State House Nairobi today, Uhuru has stated that at least 10 Million Kenyans will be vaccinated by Christmas this year.

This is good news to Kenyans since this will be a huge boost as far as curbing this pandemic is concerned.

Uhuru further stated that his government will make sure that 26 Million Kenyans will be vaccinated before his term ends in 2022.

This is part of the government's strategy to eliminate this dreaded pandemic in the country for good.

He also revealed that the country will be receiving a consignment of vaccines and also announced a mass COVID-19 vaccine in July this year.

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