Checkout How People Reacted After Donjazzy Was Seen Carrying A Full Grown Man In A Comedy Skits

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Recently, Don Jazzy took to his Instagram page to share a funny picture of him and Tembu Daniel in the comedy skits there were acting. In the pictures, Don Jazzy was seeing carrying Tembu Daniel while General Jay Marvin was seen standing beside them.

Sharing the photo he quoted it with a caption which read, “follow my cry cry baby to watch the skits when it's drop” Meanwhile, Don Jazzy has shown his support for upcoming comedians and content creators by regularly featuring in their comedy skits. The executive producer and audio engineer is known for his funny nature and frequent social media giveaway.

However, Tembu Daniel is one of the talented comedians who has a unique way of interpreting his roles which could easily make anyone laugh. The talented comedian has achieved a lot owing to his huge social media followings, the most interesting thing about Tembu Daniel is the funny facial expressions that he maintains in most of his skits.

The new pictures sparked a lot of different reactions from his fans and some verified users in the entertainment industry who came across them on Instagram.

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