If your friends have these qualities, you are on your way to success


Choosing Good Friend :

A friend, according to Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, is a person other than a relative or lover with whom one enjoys mutual affection. He Is someone who helps and sympathizes with you. Different people have different views about who a friend is or should be. However, a question that easily comes to mind is about the type of friend that is desirable. There are good friends as well as bad ones. Therefore, one must be cautious in choosing his friends. Mothers, fathers, civil servants, Businessmen, students and indeed everybody should be extremely careful in selecting their friends so that only the good ones are chosen.

Who then is a good friend? How can he be identified?

In my opinion, a good friend is the opposite of an enemy. He is one who gives you a push when you have stopped, guides you when you are searching, provides you a chat when you are lonely, comforts you when in sorrow, and teaches you when you are ignorant, gives you a smile when you are sad and supplies a song when you are glad. Above all, a good friend is one who gives you confidence when you are worried, provides a solution to your problems and when you are in doubt, he gives you reassurance. Finally, a good friend will tell you the truth about you no matter the cost; he equally rejoices and cries with you.

Below is the summary of the A- Z qualities of a good friend.

 A Good Friend:

 Admires you 

 Believes you

 Cares for you

 Dear to you

 Encourages you

 Favors you

 Gives you attention

 Honest to you

 Interested in you

 Just there for you

 Keeps in touch with you

 Loves you

 Makes you happy

Needs you most

Optimistic about you

Prays for you

Queries you when wrong 

Respects you

Selfless to you

Trusts you

 Unhappy about your weakness

 Values you

 Wants you

 Xenophobic to none

 Yet to condemn you

 Zealous to please you 

A good Christian friend will teach you that persistence in prayers can take away complacency on God's part in responding to our prayers. He will equally guide you on the right path lest you go astray. As an achiever, a good friend will teach you to accomplish the lofty goals you have set for yourself; you must establish a good relationship with hard work and positive thinking. Some people have been destroyed while others have been made by the friends they kept. Tennessee William says that "life is partly what we make of it and partly what it is made by the friends we choose". Hence, people must apply wisdom in choosing friends and be very careful in having friends. This is because friends can betray you as Jesus Iscariot. In the same vein, Julius Caeser was betrayed and killed by his friend Brutus. It is not the number of friends one has that matters but the quality of those friends. A typical example of good and quality friends in the Bible is that of David and Jonathan. Good friends can not encourage you to disobey your parents or engage in acts detrimental to your health, career, or the future. Such acts include stealing, smoking, flirting, sagging, and robbery.

In order to foster enduring friendship, we should be willing to sacrifice our convenience for the good of our friends in their time of need. It is true that man, by nature is selfish and always want to keep the best of everything for himself. On the other hand, the true friendship requires conscious effort and determination. Sometimes, it may be difficult, but if we try, we can make it. Determine to build quality friendship today. Be a good friend and keep good friends.

Finally, there is a good and reliable friend I want to introduce to all those reading this article.

Who is this friend?

 In mathematics, he proved that 1+1=1 in marriage. In the English Language, He obtained the highest degree by teaching in the parable. In chemistry, he turned water into wine without any chemical reaction. In biology, he was born without the normal method of reproduction.in physics, He disproved the law of gravity when ascending to heaven without the help of aircraft. He also disproved the law of locomotion when he walked on the sea.

In Economics, he disproved the law of diminishing returns by feeding 5000 men with two loaves of bread and two fishes. In Agriculture, He turned fishers of fish into fishers of men. In Government, He declared that all powers in heaven and on earth belong to Him.

In Religion, He said that no one comes to God except through Him.


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