'' We Will Negotiate With AL-Shabaab Terror Group'' President Sheikh Mohammed Drops a Shocker

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Photo. Somali President Sheikh Mohammed

President of Somalia Sheikh Mohammed who was elected recently has affirmed that the only way to end terror activities in Somalia is not using the military force. According to Sheikh Mohammed, Somalia is considering negotiating with the AL-Shabaab Terror Group to stop all this activities.

Here is a link: https://nation.africa/africa/news/somalia-will-talk-to-al-shabaab-when-time-is-right-president-3871726

Sheikh Mohammed is clear the best way to deal with terrorist is to negotiate with them to ensure issues of concern are sorted out as well have them incorporated in government. It's clear President Uhuru Kenyatta has been on record before making it known that he cannot waste his time negotiating with terrorists who have refused to follow the law.

It's interesting that Sheikh Mohammed is going to negotiate with the terror group to end trouble in Somalia. It's evident that all the efforts to use force and military to destroy the AL-Shabaab insurgencies has not succeeded to this far a reason for the new move and strategy.

President Sheikh Mohammed is however clear that he will definitely negotiate with terrorists at the right moment and time. It's already clear that at the momentmilitary operations are going on in Somalia in efforts to fully finish the AL-Shabaab led group and stop all this form of attacks.

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