Leaders Who Are Expected To Accompany With Raila Odinga Today During His Western Region Rally

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Today on 25th May Raila Odinga is expected to tour in Vihiga County to popularize his agendas to his supporters. Vihiga County is one of counties in Kenya that Raila Odinga enjoys massive support since he has more support starting from the County Governor Wilberforce Otichilo. Raila is expected to tour Vihiga County with other Azimio coalition leaders and they include the following.

Wilberforce Otichilo, he is the Governor of Vihiga County and also seeking his second term in office under Orange Democratic Movement Party. Chris Omulele, he is the current MP of Luanda Constituency and he is expected to welcome Raila Odinga to his area to talk to his supporters.

Ali Hassan Joho is the current Governor of Mombasa County and a close ally to Raila Odinga. He has been with Raila Odinga in most of his rallies as he help Raila Odinga to popularise his agendas to people across the country. There will be more leaders present to welcome and help Raila Odinga to sell his agendas in western region

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