'Kwani Kanairo Kumeharibika' Kenyans React As a Large Number of Asians Flock Nairobi

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Matters of security are paramount to each and every individual. As far as the government is concerned, Citizens have entrusted their comfort and trust on the government to protect them against external intrution and harm. Even internally, we have law enforcers who are mainly entrusted with observing security to citizens.

Further more, the government encouraged formation of nyumba kumi systems at every local region to help members monitor matters security within and amongst themselves. And when the nyumba kumi officials notice and encounter anything unusual or anyone bound to bring trouble, they work hand in hand with the police to regulate sanity.

Members of the public have also been urged by governmental officers including the president himself to assist the police with any crucial information which leads to arrest of law breaker and potential trouble makers.

In that regard, alarm was raised by Kenyans after a large number of Asians were spotted in Nairobi.

Responding to the alarm, government spokesperson, Cyrus Oguna has confirmed arrival and presence of international Tourists in Nairobi.

Responding to a video which has been doing rounds online, Oguna admitted that the large number of Assians Spoted in Nairobi are international Tourists.

Responding to Oguna's statement, many Nairobians have refuted the claims saying that the guys don't look like tourists. Others have wondered why it was only men seen and no ladies from Asia, something which has made Kenyans guess that there will be lots of half cast kids in Nairobi within a short while.

Screenshot from the video as as below.

See the reactions below from Kenyans as obtained from instagram on mpashogram's account.

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