Check Out These Recent Photos Of Williams Uchemba And His Wife


Williams Uchemba a Nigerian comedian, Nollywood actor and founder of Williams Uchemba Foundation got married to his beautiful wife, Dr. Brunella Oscar, 5 months ago on 15th November, 2020.

Williams and his wife went on to have their honeymoon to Dubai and South Africa immediately after their wedding. The couple have been having a great time together and usually make posts of themselves on their social media pages. They play a lot with each other and it seems they are best friends, though it is not surprising because they dated for a good number of years before getting married.

Here are recent photos of Williams Uchemba and his lovely wife Brunella;

We are glad to see that they are so much in love with each other, which we noticed the moment Williams made his relationship with his wife public.

They make a beautiful couple and we can't wait to see how their family grows in a couple of years to come.