The only school with one boy offering home economics


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In this world, people think differently. No one knows what one is thinking, and no one knows ones character.

These times, senior high is where all the difficulties begin. When you're a fresher going to school, there are a lot of complications along the way.

All courses to offer in the senior high, are as equally important as the other. But because of the way people think and discriminate, it is difficult for boys to offer home economics.

This is why you don't mostly see boys doing home economics. But not all people are bordered by what other people say, some guys don't actually care.

Referring to that, from wandering about schools and learning what's going on, I encountered one school that has a boy offering home economics.

I was really excited to see that some boys have the courage to face all the criticisms, and to move on without letting others bring them down.

The school Wesley grammar senior high. The only boy in home economics class is at Wesley grammar senior high. Just one boy in a class with 41 girls.

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