Massive reactions after a photo of a lecturer carrying a baby at his back surfaced the internet

Most times people think that only mothers have the heart of caring so much about their babies and giving them what they want in life but have forgotten where all this supports comes from that makes mothers feel so comfortable and care for their babies. Fathers love is an essential love that most of us does not see but when it comes to showing love and care for children, fathers are number one.

Due to their work, they are mostly not seen at home and hardly seen with us like that of our mothers whom we come home always to meet them and play with but in today's post, a lecturer has soon to the world that men or fathers also do care a lot about their children.

A picture about a lecturer carrying a baby at his back has caused massive reactions after it hits social media. According to the post, the lecturer took a female student baby from her and cared for the baby to enable the mother to have a peaceful mind to write her exams and the way this lecturer carried the baby at his back had people talking about him. Below is the picture of the lecturer.

These are some reactions from the media.