Orlando Pirates CAF match will be handled by the officials from South Africa

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They are looking forward to the match

Orlando Pirates match that will happen this friday it will be handled by South African officials. This has raised many eyebrows because many fans think they already won the match, because this match will be handled by people from the same country as Orlando Pirates.

This will be the biggest cup they have ever won in my years. They are now doing the count down to the match and the fans cannot wait. The South African officials who will be handling the match should do what ever they can to make the match fair. I am saying this because if they make mistake in the match, other people will say that they are doing it on purpose to make the South African team to win.

Like Lorch said everyone will be playing for himself but doing it for the whole team to win. This is their time not to depend of the South African officials but to do it on their own as a team. There are many teams out there who wishes that they can lose. Fans are saying that they need to win to gain their dignity back as the oldest club in the football of South Africa.

South African officials who will be handling the match will be under pressure. In soccer when a match does not go into plan they point out the official's decision that they made in the field. They really need to work hard.

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