Put a Glass of Water Under Your Bed, See What Happens


Have you ever experienced that moment when you actually wants to sleep but the sleep is just not coming? You try to watch a boring movie, read a book, listen to songs or even try to rigidly close your eyes just to fall asleep but to no avail. It is very painful right? Well, not anymore because there is a trick that will help eliminate this and you will sleep quickly and soundly like a baby.

According to Scientists, water evaporates into the gaseous state and researchers have found out that, water can be able to absorb negativity. When a glass of water is placed under a bed, the water absorbs all negativity and stress and allow you to sleep very quickly. You will mostly find bubbles on the surface of the water the next morning or you will find the water cloudy. The bubbles or cloudiness show that all the negativity that prevented you from sleeping has been taken away. Even if there are no bubbles or cloudiness on the surface of the water in the glass, it is believed to have still absorbed all negativity and tiredness. Pour the water away an refill for the next evening. Not true? Just try it.

Also, the cup of water under the bed humidifies the bedroom due to evaporation making the room very comfortable. Scientists have proven that the presence of water or humidity induces sleep so it will make you fall asleep in no time. This confirms why you tend to sleep more when it rains or when the weather is cold.

Other ways to make you fall asleep quickly:

• Just lay down and blink your eyes continuously. You will sleep in no time when your eyes become tired and heavy.

• Eating bananas after dinner give you more potassium which relaxes the muscles and aid you to sleep.

• Foods such as spicy foods, cheese and coffee will make you stay awake for a long time so just avoid them.

Cecey newshub-gh@operanewshub.com