Nutritionist Explains Why Fat People Can Take A lot Of Alcohol But Do Not Get Drunk.

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A good number of people engage in consumption of alcohol as a way of having fun with friends, winding up the weekend and for other personal reasons.

Alcohol distillers however warn that expectant women and people under the age of 18 should not engage in the uptake of alcohol. They also warn that excessive consumption is harmful to one's health.

Nutritionist Felix Okoth explains why fat people can take lots of alcohol without getting drunk. This means that slim people easily get drunk all factors remaining constant. Okoth says to that fat people lack lots of water in their system. He elaborates that water is important as it is a medium through which alcohol gets to enter the blood stream hence making one drunk.

" Alcohol is not the only thing that can affect the liver, medical conditions can affect as well. People who have extra fat tissue don’t get drunk easily & this is because they don’t have a lot of water component in their fat to release alcohol. " Nutritionist Felix Okoth said.

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