End of world? The famous prophet revealed a vision of a Scary storm coming that will shake people

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We are currently in the summer season where floods are most likely to occur. Earlier this year, South Africa was left damaged by a huge flood caused by a tropical cyclone. Huge floods affected some parts of South Africa and left severe damage.

Lihle Rhadebe, popularly known as the "famous prophet" or RA on social media, has yet again revealed the bad news of the coming storm that's gon na shake people. As per the famous prophet's recent tweet, the storm will be huge to a point that is predicted to cause damage. Fortunately, RA did not mention that it would affect all countries.

Lihle Rhadebe further revealed in his latest revelation on his Twitter account that the water will be closest to the sky and will be in the fourth dimension. According to the prophet, the storm will probably be okay due to the fact that the planet is dirty, and he concluded by saying that it's only a matter of time before it gets flipped.

The prophet's followers wonder if South Africa is safe. Hence, he concluded that God is water, according to his opinion. The other followers revealed that they dreamt of a tsunami yesterday and were scared that they were going to die with the kids. Another follower also revealed that she had a vision of kids being swept away and cut into pieces.

The famous is giving warnings to people who follow him to be aware of what's going to happen, which is a great thing. The famous prophets are really helping. People who believe in him should continue supporting him, and those who do not believe in him should stop their criticism.

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