V-class man dragged on Twitter for boasting about kicking the girls out

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Just weeks ago a video circulated social media of if a man kicking a woman out of his v class Mercedes. People on Twitter were divided by who was right or wrong. But the man came out and claimed that he kicked the girls out because she was being disrespectful. She allegedly took his phone and wanted money from the guys.

The man and woman became a sensation on social media. It seems as though the fame might have got to his head because he released another video calling himself 'Mr get outta my f***Ken car'. And he used that video to promote his business. People on Twitter dragged him for being disrespectful and for his arrogance. Someone even posted a picture that he changed his number plate. People said he thinks that he is a celebrity now.

Whilst others wondered whether he released the video for this purpose so that he could trend and then advertise business. They even questioned if the video is real or fake. But there were some who felt like people were critical towards him because he is a man they even dragged Kanyi Mbau and said that she made a song after leaving the man in Dubai to which people where dancing to. They said let the man ride his wave.

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