I Know They Will Come After Me - Captain Smart Sets Another 'Fire' As He Speaks On Leadership

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"I wanted to first of all apologise to everyone before I make these comments because it might hurt some people in the country. I am going to say this and I will not apologise because you're proving that you will continue to do this till the end," these were the words of popular Ghanaian broadcaster, Captain Smart on his show. This comment follows the recent mishaps in the country that has divided Ghanaians.

Captain Smart, who has become an avid critic of the government has made another serious statements about leadership in Ghana and Africa in general. Over the past months, he has been widely known as an anti-corruption campaigner and human right activist with his latest show that discusses national issues. A once ardent empathiser of the government has now turned into a critic, and consistently blasts the same administration.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Maakye show, the face of the Journalist could tell how disappointed he is about the state of affairs of the country. The firebrand Journalist has vented his anger on leadership of the country and has described it as incompetent. According to the broadcaster, Ghana is almost at a standstill under the current government because every new developments tend to set the economy back.

In a serious allegation, Mr. Smart indicated that the delegates that were sent to meet the Guinea coup leaders were caught sleeping. He indicated that he sent his men to take footage from the meeting but what he saw was depressing and sad. He claimed he sent his men to the grounds to work and results was heartbreaking.

He said, "I saw that we do not have great leaders in Ghana and the continent. Their behaviours are obvious proof of their self integrity. I will say this and I will not apologise. I have finally agreed that this continent will be free if we get good leaders. Almost everything happening show that these leaders has nothing for us, and the generation to come. The issue is very critical, but we cannot stop fighting for the better lives that were promised."

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