Passion Fruit Farming Is One Of The Most Lucrative Agricultural Activities Currently.

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Are you a farmer or an individual who is looking forward to invest in farming and willing to making good income from your Agricultural project. This is the the way to go for any farmer.

People have different interest when it gets to commerciailsed farming, what farmer X may prefer to plant may differ from what farmer M want to plant. For instance one may choose and decide to invest maize farming while the other person may choose and decide to go for pawpaw farming. Therefore if you have decided on what you want to do you should not change your mind.

Before you decide and settle on what you want to grow there are something you must consider as a farmer, one the benefits you will get after the harvest per acres of land, the market for your products, The quantity you will harvest per acres of land.

It is always advisable that if it is the first time you are initiating a new Agricultural project that you have no more knowledge about then you can just start with an acre of land. For here then you can expand your project after you have learnt a few things about your Agricultural project. This will minimise on the loses you may encounter.

Now let's avoid too much stories and get to main reason why I have kept you here for long. Passion fruit farming is advantageous and profitable and can generate good income to any farmer who Invest in such.

With passion fruit you will never lack mart for you farm products since they are also exported outside Kenya and Africa too.

To start a passion fruit farming project you only need roughly one acres of land. Prepare it something like 3 weeks before planting your seeds.

When choosing passion fruit seeds try and buy the best variety that many people prefer since this will increase your customers traffic after harvesting. You can go purple passion fruits, yellow passion fruit seeds among many other best varieties that you may prefer.

With one acre passion fruit plantation you can harvest roughly roughly 5 to 6 tonnes of passion fruits and currently one kgs of passion fruit cost roughly between 50 to 70 shillings. The price varies depending with the level of the demand in markets.

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