Alfred Keter Announces His Preferred Presidential Candidate After Hearing Kenya Kwanza's Manifesto

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Nandi Hills member of Parliament, Hon Alfred Keter, who is defending his seat as an independent candidate has made his final decision on the person to support as the next president during the coming general election.

Reacting after the launch of Kenya Kwanza's manifesto which was unveiled by deputy president William Ruto and his team last night, Keter announces that Ruto's plan is the most suitable for the country, especially the one touching agriculture sector.

He has therefore decided that he will support Ruto's presidency and has even urged his supporters to fully vote for him in the oncoming election. Keter dumped UDA party when he failed to secure Party's ticket during nominations."William Ruto's manifesto really has the heart of kenyans at heart. I like the idea of investing in agriculture." Said Hon Keter. "Ruto is indeed very prepared to lead our country, let us hive him the support he needs to serve us" he added.What's your view on this? Comment, like and share this article with your friends are. Also, remember to follow us in order to receive more updates concerning the oncoming general election.

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