Four Survive Death After Police Saved Them From Angry Bodaboda Riders.


Wednesday 30th June 2021.

Four men have escaped being killed by angry Bodaboda riders at Emali in along Mombasa road in Makueni county.

The four were caught on allegations of stealing motorcycles at night. They were caught earlier this morning after a teamed exercise by the Bodaboda riders.

According to the crowd, the area has been witnessing rampant motorbike thefts for a long time an acts which they said were planned by these four.

Fortunately, the security police from Emali police station immediately rushed to their help before the angry crowd could set them on fire. It was a classic act from the police since they acted immediately.

They are currently at the Emali police station as the county commissioner organise his team to conduct a detailed investigation before the four are taken to court.

Here at Opera we discourage the acts of citizens taking law in their hands. We encourage suspects to be taken to court for judgement.