SEYI The Motivator Gives Update On OOU Teaching Practice Orientation Program.


From the teaching practice orientation program held by Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) on April 9, 2021. The orientation was held virtually by the faculty of Education. This information goes to all 300level and 400level of the University.

1) When you're teaching a student, always ask questions. Classroom interaction is very crucial.

2) Don't be a talkative teacher, so make sure that your communication with your students is in two ways, as you're teaching also carry them along.

3) Don't forget that brilliant students will always answer your questions, when your students ask a question, make sure you're in charge so as to avoid noisy class.

4) Whoever ask a question should raise his/her hands.

5)Students that didn't raise up his/her hands you can call them, by so doing they will know that the teacher also recognize them.

6) Make sure that you're always in charge of the classroom.

7) Make sure you avoid noisy class.

8)Also note that when teaching the students, always use instructional materials, as it will be a guide for you.

9) All teachers are expected to understand the meaning of Classroom Management.

10) Classroom management is how best you can use your method in teaching your students.

11) You're expected you have deep understanding of what lesson note is all about.

12)You're expected to know what curriculum entails, what lesson plan entails.

13)Scheme of work is also referred to as Lesson plan

14) Lesson note is your daily activities in school. 

15) As you're about to go for teaching practice, note that your lesson note will be written on daily basis. This is very compulsory.

16) Lesson note comprised of;



-Previous knowledge

-Behavioural objectives


17 Your approach in writing Lesson note may be different depending on your understanding.

18) Failure to prepare daily lesson note will attract great punishment.

19) Rudenessis not allowed, Cultismis not allowed, Indecentdressing is not allowed.

20) Atrainee teacher must be humble, must have high level of self control, must be contented.

21) Must equip him/her self with what you have.

22) You must not ask for money, Do not beg for foodstuffs from your students. We did not send you out to be a begger!

23) You should be a role model, a mentor, A trustworthy fellow, Must be respectable, Must have high integrity.

24) Youmust dress moderately, you must not dress to kill people/students, you must be positively attractive.

25) If you choose any Local Government of your choice, the committee will fix you in any of the school under it.

25) Wearing of shoes is compulsory.

26) Jeanskirts or trouser is not allowed during the practice. If you don't have any, go and get one and use it throughout the 6weeks.

27) You can wear 1 trouser throughout the practice, just maintain it.

28) Do not beat or flog any students, rather report him/her to the headteacher.

29) You will be required to teach any subject related to your field during the practice.

30) Girls should wear skirt and guys should wear trouser.

31) Be a good representative of Olabisi Onabanjo University and faculty of Education at large.

Wish you all a successful Teaching Practice.

© SEYI The Motivator


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