Video Of Bomet Resident Whose Vehicle Got Stuck. See What He Told Governor, MCAs And Senator


A middle-aged man from Bomet through a video that has gone viral is seen angry and disturbed. Beside him is a man offloading a lorry carrying logs. This lorry has stopped at a bridge crossing a river. Another man is seen down the river amused by the first man.

The distressed man is passing a tough warning to their Governor, Hillary Barchok. According to him, Barchok is giving MCAs tenders to construct bridges who at the end mismanaged the money and end up constructing poor bridges. He says the lorry seen at the video was trying to pass the bridge but unfortunately the bridge got damaged making it hard for it to continue with journey.

e now request Governor to visit them to see challenges they are passing through. He also caution him never to repeat giving MCAs tenders. He has also requested their senator to come from 'Nairobi' and too offer his assistance.

This means Governor have colluded with MCAs to mismanage funds for development and the only man who's supposed to assist them, that is senator, is not even at home, he's in Nairobi.

This might reflect what's going on in almost entire nation. Leaders jointly agree to pocket money meant for other projects making the life of common citizen to be hard. Click the link below to watch video.