Facts About The Month You Were Born (Flowers Of The Month)


The following are your birth Month facts;

January ( carnation )

People born in January are Loving, fascinating and distincting. Each specific carnation has its own Meaning, the most powerful of which being pink symbolises a mother's underlying love.

February ( Iris )

Iris symbolises Faith, Valor and Wisdom. However, those born in February are loving and wise.

The three upright petals on an iris are said to represent the faith, valor and wisdom it symbolises. The Iris has also become the national symbol of the French.

March ( Daffodil )

Daffodil displays Rebirth and New Beginnings.

A gift of the daffodils is said to suggest good luck. However, it's just a single bloom gifted this instead is supposed to foretell misfortunes, so take care when giving daffodils as gifts.

April ( Daisy)

This shows Innocence, Delicate, Loyalty, blissful pleasure and Purity.

The Daisy also represents a flower that's given between friends, as the symbol of a shared secret that's never to be fold.

May ( Lily of the valley)

This shows you have Purity, sweetness and Humility.

It's perhaps a surprise that the Lily of the Valley is the birth flower of may. Considering the scientific name 'majois' actually means 'of or belonging to may.'

June ( Rose )

Rose a wonderful and miraculous flower.

This shows that you posses Love and passion.

Similar to carnation, each color rose had it's own specific symbolism. For example a yellow rose Expresses friendship, whereas a purple expresses love in the first sight.

July ( Delphinium)

People born in July have Lightness and levity.

It represents an open heart and ardent attachment.

August ( Gladiolus )

Those born in August means they have Strength, Moral intergrity and infatuation.

Named after the sword shaped Leaves, offering a bounguet of gladiolus represents piercing the recipient's heart with passion.

September ( aster )

Wauh, Love and patience to those born in September. They bear with the hard situations in life without giving up.

The name aster was derived from the Greek word 'star' and in the past it was believed that the perfume from burning the leaves of the plant could drive away spirits.

October ( Calendula )

You have warm and undying love, grief and sorrow

Despite the bright marigold Symbolizing the warmth of the sun, the flower is also associated with funerals in many parts of the world, often being placed at graves.

November ( Chrysanthemum )

This shows you are Friendly, Optimistic and Joyfully.

It is believed that it was first cultivated by the Chinese. The diverse, beautiful and Lough nature of the flower has made it perfectly suited for Flower arranging.

December ( Poinsettia )

You have Good cheer, Success, Luck, Fertility, Truth and Celebrations

It's believed to be a symbol of purity, However are now believe to symbolize celebration and Success.

Cheerfully, pick your favorite Qualities from your birth month flowers and deeply examine Yourself. Remember to comment, like and widely share.

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