How you can change your skin by doing these 4 things.


Being young is a choice one has to make there are many things you can do to be young. -How ever salt you may have eaten in this world. Many have believed that if you have a lot of money your rate of being old is reduced. Little did they know that however much you may have but if stress of these wealth is within. You cannot live a peaceful life. You will realised that only the poor people are the one used to take luxuries food like fry meat, too much sugar,soda, or using too much salt. Eating Vegetables and fruits is like going to hell for them. Here are the things you can do to remain young forever even if you don't have more money.


There are varieties of vegetables in the market that will make you look young for a longer period of times. Like spinach,kales, "osuga" and dek/ kienyeji.

You will be surprised when you get into the houses of these wealth person their delicious meals are vegetables, flesh they eat once in while.

Picture of Osuga.

Picture of dek.

2: Fruits.

In olden days people loved fruits and they enjoyed them like guavas,mangoes,pawpaw, apples,oranges, avocado. Unlike today when only the reach class are the one who are left for and some very few people.

You will also be surprised to heat someone saying he or she us allergic to some fruits like oranges. Not knowing what oranges are good in vitamin C.

3: water.

Water is life and anyone who don't like it will ever be in hospitals running for water bottles injections. If your ever drinking enough water daily problems like headache, pressure and some other diseases that water can treat you will never be worried. From dehydration which finally can result to kidney Stone.


This is also one of the secret thing some people will not tell you. If you want maintain your younger skin like exercise do one in a week or twice in a week. The state of doing exercise is much healthy and you will relieved yourself from many diseases like headache,stroke,and stress. Use this steps and come out from looking old and your still young.


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