Maria tv show: Lorna admits that she is wicked


The next episode comes with lots of entertainment and confusion.

Silas, Fally and Pupa are left speechless and surprised when Maria informs them that Treva is now living in Mr. William house. The big question arises with them asking whether he apologized to the Hausa's or something but Silas tells them that Treva is still innocent until proven guilty.

On the other hand as Mr. William tries to talk with Meja and skiing him what plan he has, Lorna joins them and out of tension she starts to confess.

We all know Lorna has been the 'BBC' British Broadcasting Corporation of the Hausa's, she spreads rumored, lies and sometimes truth like bush fire.

She opens up and starts giving Mr. William some stories which turned out to be confession.

She confessed that she lied that Treva was Sofia's boyfriend.

She confessed again that she wasn't the one who started the rumours that Mr. William was cheating on his wife 'Madam Vicky'.

She also confessed that the rumour that Mr. William had an affair with Sofia did not come from her. She said that she was tired of her evil doing and she saw the need to repent and get saves.

Mr. William looked at her and lacked something to say but finally he told her that it was ok.

Everyone else is wondering why would someone who had issues with the family and also alleged of pushing Sofia causing her purported mental illness to come back into that family.

But all in all Sofia is the master minder of all these new plans. She managed to bring her auntie on board, Treva and the doctor too.

Silas now gets home, looks at his mother then asks her why she had to tell Maria that Maggy was pregnant.

He reminds her that she gets prepared that when the kid is born she should know that the the whole area will know that the kid was born outside wedlock.