Bagbin Storms Parliament In Smock Nice Boots Today. (+Video)

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The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin has done it again by his choice of dressing to parliament today. He stormed the parliament today dressed in another African wear in the form of a Smock.

Yesterday, he surprised everyone when he walked to the parliament with an African wear. He advised all parliamentarians to wear African wear to exhibit the culture of Ghanians. He again stepped to the floor of parliament today, with a nice pair of boots and a very beautiful smock. Am beginning to believe that, his comments about parliamentarians wearing African wear was not a joke at all.

Take a look at Alban Bagbin dressed to Parliament in Smock today.

I think the honourable speaker of parliament is gradually drawing the attention of the whole parliament and Ghana as a nation on how to cherish our own cultural dress. What are your thoughts on this action by the Speaker of Parliament?

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