Have you met Saweetie's sisters who are both twins? Check out photos of them

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Many of us are familiar with the icy rapper, Diamanté Quiava Valentin Harper (Saweetie) but we are not really familiar with her sisters. Saweetie is the eldest child of her parents and grew up with her two younger sisters who happens to be twins, Maya and Milan Harp.

Maya and Milan Harp are not near as popular as Saweetie. Maya is quite known, if 14.8k followers on Instagram counts. Milan on the other hand has just 6,481 followers. They run an online show, ontheharp where they talk about stuff and make smoothies.

They are Saweetie's baby sisters and she always make sure to comment on every of their photos on Instagram as a big sister.

Check out photos of the twins



Aren't they just cute? They look so much alike. Saweetie's mom is definitely a printer because there are some twins who look nothing like twins. And their bodies seem to be the same size. No one is bigger than the other.

You won't really know Saweetie has sisters unless she says it because these two do not like to be in the spotlight and it's very clear.

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