Idliso or Abuse: A Woman Beat Her Man because He Didn't Give Her Car Keys

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27 June 2022

One of the sad things I the modern days is that when a guy is seen abusing a woman it is called GBV but when tables turn people beleive that a man is bewitched. This beleif is the first issue that the community needs to change before everything else. The reason for it to be problematic in a society is that many people get away with crimes. A crime is a crime, assaulting people should not in any way be condoned.

Speaking of a GBV a man was assaulted live on camera in a public restaurant. A poor man enjoying hiis food until his partner came in and started to be aggressive against him. He spit and smacked him right away.

The lady continued to demand the car keys and seemed to be wanting to be somewhere else but the man was not agreeing with any of that. He preferred to be treated the way he was being treated like than giving up these car keys to this angry and toxic partner of his.


Some people on social media made it clear that the man doesn't deserve the treatment that he received nor anyone.

Being in a situation like this means you have to find ways to get away from the abuser. You can do so by filing divorce papers if you suspect your wife will continue the abuse. Abusive partners rarely change. However, if your wife admits her behavior is wrong and agrees to get professional help, there may be hope for your marriage.

If your spouse denies the abuse or refuses to change, the healthiest choice for you is to file for divorce. If you would like to end your marriage with an abusive wife, talk to a lawyer to find out your legal rights. Depending on where you live, you may have to live apart from your wife for a period of time before a divorce will be granted

You can also seek for professional assistance. Professional counseling is a smart option for victims of abuse. Whether you decide to stay or leave, you may struggle to come to grips with your situation and feel confused as to how you should move forward. A counselor can offer practical guidance and support

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