Case Begins At Court Of Appeal, ORENGO Leads The Handshake


Orengo the walking constitution will be leading the Handshake team in a bid to overturn the high court ruling against the BBI case.

(Orengo photo courtesy)

The walking constitution referred to as Orengo claims that "the victory is ours" he is more confident of overturning the high court ruling, the hustler nation had worn in the high court by overturning the BBI case.

The handshake team had to appeal the case, the handshake leaders Uhuru and Raila with their working Constitution "wakili Orengo" will be in the court of Appeal to overturn the high court ruling against the BBI.

Hustler nation headed by William Ruto will be happy if the BBI case will be overruled again by the court of Appeal.

Below are images of recent tweets.

In my opinion, the case might be ruled out by the court of appeal, which will be good news for the hustler nation, while the handshake team will be left weak because BBI is the strength of the handshake team.

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