Boniswa from Scandal! Left her fans in stitches after posting a video from last night's episode.

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Scandal! Is getting more and more interesting every day, a lot of people thought that show won't be nice to watch anymore since Romeo bowed out. The new characters who were brought in the show seem to be doing a very exceptional and this is not what most people expected.

What is more interesting now is the scene whare Boniswa went undercover as Lizzie to find out what might have happened to Romeo and Lizzie has been making Violetta's life a living hell as she always stand up to her unlike the previous worker, on the other hand Mamba seem to be more interested in Lizzie and is willing to do anything just to keep her in his house.

In the previous episode of the show Mamba got to see Lizzie without her uniform while geared up to have dinner with him, rocking Violetta's beautiful evening dress. Lusanda Mbane who plays the character of Boniswa on the show aka Lizzie, took to social media to shared a clip from last night's episode and this just left her fans in stitches.

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