Former Citizen TV Journalist Makes Sensational Return On Our Screen, See Her New Show


Life has many twists and turns. One minute you seem to have everything under control. Your career is on an upward trajectory. Your friends are who is who in the society. As you get comfortable, everything you have worked hard for comes crumbling down like a house of cards. Former Citizen news anchor Jacque Maribe’s story, at least one chapter of her yet to be completed book.

In an episode of her new you tube channel show "the hot seat" Maribe narrates how things went from a 100 to zero In 2018 when she was arrested and charged with murder of business woman Monica Kimani alongside her then lover Irungu Jowie .She later quit her job after she was realised from remand on Ksh 1 million cash bail and was granted an alternative 2 million bond or three sureties of similar amount.

She likened her experience to that of someone who was driving at a neck breaking speed then all over sudden came to a standstill.The arrest led to a total change in her life and diluted her opinions on matters of politics in the country.

Despite that maribe seems not to have given up when she broke the silence on Instagram where she posted "Jacque maribe show" and she captioned this.'In the silence,is a resilient spirit, quietly purposefully determined to unfold....and so Jacque maribe show is born." The show will be launched today as she host LSk president Nelson havi on her You tube channel at 8pm.

Social media users flooded her comment section with best are some of the comments