The Safest Bets in Football and the Secrets Behind them.

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As part of my research, I was looking at some of the betting markets which has the lowest risks possible. I decided to take a look at one of the bookmakers and what I found is interesting. They offer hundreds of markets even the ones that most bettors are not aware of.

In this article, we shall look at a couple of those markets and analyse them further and see if we can take advantage of them. Remember none of this is advice gaming has its risks generally. Bet responsibly only with the amounts you're comfortable losing. Enough of this chit-chat let's get right into the business. 

1. Own Goal.

Some bookmakers allow you to predict if there will be an own goal or not. We all know how this rarely happens in football and when it happens, it is probably due to unavoidable mistakes which seldom occur as well. This selection even though it's not entirely possible, has a higher likelihood. Picking this with a good wager in it will be a good idea.

2. Goal Interval. 

Making a selection based on when which minute interval will a goal be scored seems interesting. Based on past encounters and h2h statistics, you can tell with a higher probability which time both teams' scoring capabilities appear the most. Again it's not a guaranteed selection but it will be worth looking at it.

3. Correct Score- Group Bet.

This will be ideal for the bettors who want to try correct Score prediction. Grouping together a couple of scores makes your bet more promising especially after researching both teams' past results. 

4. First Goal time. 

Predicting the time of the first goal is not hard as well keeping in mind that some teams have low-scoring encounters before halftime. If you take this to your advantage, Good odds are priced at this selection and it will be worth looking at it. 

5. Period with no goals( By team).

This bet will be worth looking at keeping in mind the team's form and the strengths of both sides at least defensively. Past H2H records will work in your favour.

6. Either team to be losing the match and to avoid defeat. 

This pretty much looks like a comeback to me. We all know comebacks happen under rare circumstances. This market is well priced and bettors should take that advantage. It has its risk as well but the risk itself will be worth taking. That is all for now, follow for more articles like this one.

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