Open Letter To South-East Governors: Military Aircrafts Should Be Deployed For Air Strike In Forests


I want to use this medium to write an open letter to the Governors of the south-eastern part of Nigeria.

It was reported recently that the governors of South East has launched a security outfit. The operatives of the security outfit will be expected to engage in various activities including protection of lives and properties of people in the region. They also expected to oversee the activities of lesser vigilante group in the Southeastern part of Nigeria.

What I want the south-eastern governors to do now before this security personnels start working is to request for the deployment of military aircrafts.

The reason why the South-eastern Governors show deploy military aircraft is because there is need for an airstrike in the various forests in the region.

There are so many reports that the other unknown gunmen who are living inside Forest. They carry out their training and other operations inside the bush. An air strike will help the military men to fetch them out before these legal security outfit can start working.

Note that the image above ☝️ is used for illustrative purpose only.