Bulgaria's girlfriend finally break silence over the alleged audio circulating on social media


The girlfriend of Bulgaria who is known as Vanessa has finally break silence over the alleged audio purporting to be her. In an interview with Oheneba Serwaa on Royal Television, the girlfriend of Bulgaria disclosed that it is true that she is in a relationship with Bulgaria of which the families of both are aware. She added that it is true that Bulgaria sometimes takes in alcohol but for him to be a womanizer is never

She continued by saying that last year December, she had issue with Bulgaria concerning her money that was with him but she received it the same day that she fought with Bulgaria on the phone concerning it. Yes, I admit that the very part of the audio that said I need my 700 cedis is me but the rest of the voice in the audio is not me.

I never said Bulgaria is sick in his manhood and for that matter he needs to be treated neither did I curse him with a lesser god in the audio. I want Ghanaians to take me out of Bulgaria's issues with Oheneba Ntim Barima since I am innocent. Kindly leave your comments, share and follow us for more updates.


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