Moral: The mysterious bird with two heads


Once upon a time, there was a rare bird with two heads, one to the left and one to the right. And for trivial reasons, the two heads used to clash and disagree with one another. The two heads acted like enemies while sharing the same body!

The strange bird lived in a large banyan tree near a river's edge.

One day, while flying over the river, the bird's left head noticed a lovely tree with a bright red apple. The bird's left head decided to eat the fruit, so it flew down to the tree to pluck the fruit.

The sweet-smelling fruit was plucked by the bird, who sat by the river's edge and began eating it. The left head devoured the berries. “Can you give me a slice to taste?” the right head asked when it was chewing.

“See, we just have one stomach,” the left head said. As a result, even though I feed with my mouth open, it would just go into our stomach.”

“However, I'd like to try the fruit, so you can give it to me.”

“I saw the fruit, so I have the right to eat it without sharing it with anyone,” the left head retorted angrily.

The right head became quiet as it felt sad.

A few days later, when flying over the river once more, the right head noticed a lovely pink fruit on a tree. The bird landed near the tree and attempted to collect the fruit.

“Don't eat it,” the other birds in the tree warned. It's a dangerous fruit to eat. It is going to kill you.”

“Don't eat it,” the left head yelled. “Please don't eat it.”

The right head, on the other hand, did not pay attention to the left. “I'll eat it because I saw it,” the right head said. You don't have the authority to hinder me.”

“Please don't eat it,” the left head yelled. We're all going to die.”

“I have the right to eat it because I saw it,” the right head said. The right head was clearly attempting to exact vengeance on the left for not sharing the red fruit with it earlier.

Finally, the right head ate the pink apple, and the weird bird with the two heads died in a matter of minutes!

Moral: A family feud between individuals has a negative impact on the whole family.