After Vaccination, Argentina's President Tests Positive For COVID-19

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Alberto Fernandez, Argentina's President, has revealed how he has come back positive for the novel coronavirus.

Fernandez, who received a COVID-19 vaccine earlier this year, revealed the news in a post on Friday evening.

In January 2021, he was vaccinated with Russia's Sputnik V medication. The President, on the other hand, admitted to having a mild fever but seemed to be in better health.

After appearing with a fever of 37.3, which is about 99 degrees Fahrenheit, and a mild headache, I conducted an antigen check, which came back positive.

Despite the fact that I would have preferred to finish my birthday without such a report, I am now in a good mood.

"We must be extremely cautious. I encourage all to look after themselves by observing the existing guidelines.

The virus outbreak has clearly not passed, and therefore we must keep taking care of ourselves "Fernandez sent out a message.

After Russia and Belarus, Argentina was the 3rd nation in the world to authorize the Sputnik V vaccine, and it started prescribing drops in December 2020.

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