Raila's Close Ally Excited After Being Invited For An Interview

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Orange Democracy Movement secretary-general Edwin Sifuna is happy man after getting and an invitation for Jeff Koinange Live show. This is a popular Tv show which host political leaders across the divide and it is one of the most followed.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, Sifuna said the last time he has there was five years ago. He will be there to discuss matters pertaining 2022 election and Azimio.

Edwin Sifuna is an ardent supporter of Raila Odinga and a champion for Azimio la umoja movement as the country heads into general election. He has devoted a better part of his life to serve in ODM party and he is among the untouchables within the party.

He single handedly told of Dp Ruto's United Democratic Alliance Party claims that their meeting was disrupted by goons organized by Raila.

For numerous occasions he has fiercely defended Raila Odinga's name from those who try to tarnish it.


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