TAKING OVER: Karua Gets On Top On Gachagua In Latest Opinion Polls.

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Residents of Meru appear to have embraced Martha Karua's candidacy over Rigathi Gachagua's. Gachagua is from Nyeri County, while Martha Karua is from Kirinyaga. The eastern side of Mount Kenya had previously been vying for the deputy position in both factions. Both William Ruto and Raila, on the other hand, ignored their boys. Even though Kindiki was supposed to be the MPs' preference, Ruto passed him up. They chose a woman for Azimio.

According to Facebook surveys conducted by Meru daily news website, residents prefer Martha to Gachagua, who comes in second with 40.66 percent.

Because the two are on the same ticket, voting for Martha Karua is directly proportionate to voting for Raila Odinga.

Meru is rumored to be one of the regions that will overwhelmingly vote for Azimio.

In comparison to the other counties, it is a likely swing vote.

In addition, two of their sons are currently negotiating in Azimio.


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