Stop comparing Destiny Etiko to Princess Chidimma's Curve, Here are Chidimma's recent curvy photos.

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Recently there have been an argument going on in the social media and I decided to bring it up here to know the views of people between the this two celebrities Destiny Etiko and Princess Chidimma.

Without wasting time Destiny Etiko is a popular Nollywood actress who is commonly and popularly know for her roles in movies, she is also a popular figure when it comes to the social media because of her attitude of flaunting her endowed curves.

Here is her pictures.

On the other hand we have Princess Chidimma who is also a Nollywood actress, and entertainer and a model as well.

She is also a social media influencer also an Ambassador of a renowned company.

She likes flaunting her endowed curves both in his Instagram page and in other her social media pages. Because of her endowed body she has huge amount of followers such like Destiny Etiko.

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