I feel like my boyfriend will leave me once he gets his life in order - A scared woman reveals

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We all want to be loved in our lives, and it excites us even more if we are being loved by the people that we are committed to. The saddest part is that we do not get control over who should love us. Fear is another thing that we have no control over. There are people in relationships who are haunted by the fear of losing their partner.

It is not because of insecurities, but situations such as life standards can make one doubt him or herself if they are good enough for their partners. This affects the relationship in a negative way.

A woman who is known as Yolanda Abdul revealed through a social media platform that she understands what it feels like to be involved with a person who is used to having a glamorous life that you do not have.

Yolanda says she feels like her current boyfriend is going to leave her once he gets back on his feet. She says the guy has been living a life of high standards before and he has been dating women who are above her level. For this reason, Yolanda thinks he might go back to them once he is able to afford them. She is even threatened by his female friends as she thinks they are way above her standard.

Yolanda also told someone who has experienced the same thing that she already feels like she is at the beginning of the end. However, that does not take away all the happiness of being in a relationship, as she also disclosed that she has learnt to live with her fear. She says she still enjoys every moment of her relationship and if it is meant to end, she will allow it to.

I think in a situation like this, you have to remain exactly what your partner saw when he or she chose you. Yolanda should stick to who she is because thinking otherwise about herself might put pressure on her and end up being someone that she is not. When you force yourself to become someone that you are not in order to please someone, you might end up losing yourself.

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