A Rich Man In My Church Choir Infected Me With The Hiv Virus- Joyce Dzizor Opens Up


Popular Hiv activist who is widely known as Joyce Dzizor has finally opened up on how she got infected with Hiv. In an interview with Kofi Adoma on his YouTube handle, the popukar Hiv activist disclosed that she never had Hiv virus in her blood until she met a rich man in her church choir who propose to her. The rich man was the one who supported my what I wanted to do in life and for that matter I accepted his proposal and lived with him.

Joyce Dzizor continued by saying that since the rich man was taking care of her all the time, she was invited by him to his house of which she honored it. The rich man who was also part of the church choir infected me with the virus since he was Hiv positive. I knew it when I went for the test after I was not feeling well in my body. Kindly leave your comments, share and follow us for more updates. Thank you.

Click on the link below and watch the video.


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